12 Slash Licks in the Key of G

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In this lesson, I cover 12 licks in the style of Slash.

All of the licks are inspired by the solo at the end of Paradise city – they are all meant to play over a fast song, and are all in the key of G.

The interesting thing about these licks, and the solo at the end of the Paradise City, is that a lot of scales are used. All the licks are played over a G chord progression, but we are using mixolydian, minor, dorian, major, and blues scale ideas. That is the big take-away from this lesson: you can use a lot o different scales over the same chord progression!

Aside from the theory in these licks, there are some really good technique ideas. There are licks that use some killer legato phrasing, chomatic notes, and repeating ideas. If you are new to legato (the fancy term for “hammer on” and “pull off”), then you will find some of these licks to be great development exercises.

Get these licks down, and you are well on your way to playing like Slash.

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