12 Unforgettable Axl Rose Onstage Moments

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Check out 12 Unforgettable Moments from rock’s favorite loose cannon, Axl Rose.

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TheHazinator says:

God Dammit Axl you're hard to love, but you're harder to hate

Angie Nik says:

He's so hot when he's angry.

Ethans Bass says:

This is what I love about Axl… He does whatever the fuck he wants & he doesn't give a fuck what anyone thinks. Not to mention he's a badass & one of the greatest frontmen to ever live.

Chris Viscønti says:

axles a prick

Mr. Manners says:

What a little douche bag.

Ty Manning says:

While he's mostly honest about himself, doesn't mean he's not a douchebag. He's a bit too insecure at times. Now he's ragging on people online for posting some not so flattering pictures of him performing cause he looks overweight. Classic rock n' roll diva.

Juan Oc says:

that tinereperater was a bitch, she didnt interpetret exactly wat he said

Molly Polly says:

that's funny as fuck

no nameneeded says:


Michael Sullivan says:

Axl is a diva, no doubt about it, but stopping the show to prevent a fight or because bottles are getting thrown is just a good idea. Moshing is fun, somebody getting cold-cocked is not acceptable.

Camillo A. says:

Remember a single show Axl didnt interrupt?
Me neither.

Emmanuel Reyes says:

interpreter sucks ass at interpreting

Danny Flarg says:

should learn how to speak spanish

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