Barry McGuire – album Eve of destruction 1965 (mono)

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The third album of singer Barry McGuire from Oklahoma City was released in 1965, during the Vietnan war, with the new generations gripped by the fear of the atomic holocaust. The title track was written by P. F. Sloan, and becomed a generational anthem, one of the hardest and most famous protest folk songs ever. The rest of the album is on good levels with the typical sound of the times, some Dylan covers and a good version of the traditional Sloop John B, that would became a Beach Boys hit the following year.

Eve of destruction.
She belongs tome.
You never hat it so good.
Sloop John B.
Baby blue.
The sins of a family.
Try to remember.
Mr. Man on the street- act one.
You were on my mind.
Ain’t no way I’m gonna chamge my mind.
What exactly’s the matter with me.


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