beginner acoustic guitar lesson – style of oasis %2B slash chords

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In this guitar lesson, I´m going to teach you some really nice sounding chords in the style of Oasis. These are sus or suspended chords and also slash chords.
Suspended chords are manily chords that dont play the entire triad, changing some note for the 2nd (sus2) or the 4th (sus4). Sus2 has the root, the 2nd and the 5th. And sus4 chords have the root, the 4th and the 5th note.
Slash chords are not chords played by the famous rock star Slash, this means that the lower note of a chord can be anyone of the key the song is in.
It´s very common to have chords such as D/C (this is a D triad with the C as the lower note), A/G, A/C#, etc…

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