Bob Genevro – An Eating Disorders Christmas Wish List from A to Z

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artichoke of self-loathing
blizzard of Cherry Garcia
bouquet of broccoli ecoli
bungee cords of black licorice

cascade of Mountain Dew
dustbowl of cinnamon
Easter basket of deviled eggs
flurry of curry

frisbee factory of pepperoni pizzas
garden of onion rings
geyser of Crystal Lite
guillotine of pizza cutters

hailstorm of Cap’n Crunch
iceberg of cookie dough
jug of Listerine
kilo of See’s chocolates

labryinth of lollipops
mattress of marshmallows
mote of Hamburger Helper
mountain range of Quarterpounders

nest of cheese mold
ocean of Ensure
petrified forest of wieners
pond of anchovies

quagmire of chocolate syrup
rockslide of doughnut holes
shovel full of sugar
snakepit of fetucchini

swarm of m&m’s
ton of pound cake
uterus of baby carrots
volcano of oatmeal

whirlpool of Nestles’ Quik
x-tra butter & sour creme & bacon bits
yard of lard
zest of cheese cake

Bob Genevro


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