FIST06 – Appetite For Destruction EP (1996) by Syndicate
9.5/10 Guns N’ Roses certainly made a name for themselves with this outstanding debut. One of the best ever seen in hard rock history if I do say so myself. Youtube: http://youtube.com/midnightstrike3625 Dailymotion: http://dailymotion.com/midnightstrike3625 Facebook: [More]
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Track list: 1. Sweet Child O’ Mine 2. Welcome to the Jungle 3. Rocket Queen 4. Nightrain 5. Paradise City
Appetite For Destruction (Guns Cover) Ao Vivo Rota 85 I’ts So Easy , Welcome to the Jungle , Patience , November Rain ,You’re Crazy
2004 AFD Promo Video. This video is courtesy of Appetite For Destruction and www.notquitegnr.com. This video is uploaded for promotional use only, in lieu of the upcoming show on Thursday, October 22, 2009 @ The [More]
Guns N’ Roses – You’re Crazy (Appetite For Destruction 1987) Ow! I’ve been lookin’ for a trace Lookin’ for a heart Lookin’ for a lover in a world That’s much too dark Because you don’t [More]
Banned artwork vinyl played by my temporary room setup. Amp: Pioneer SA-8800. Record Player: Pioneer PL-400x. Speakers: Pioneer Prologue S-200 I DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC