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– Spéciale dédicace à Mamaille … témoignage d’une époque.
Brain Mantia, actuel batteur des Guns N’ Roses. Il sera le batteur sur l’album “Chinese Democracy”.
Axl Rose talks about being criticized about his music, he said “This is art, is how I feel, If you don’t like it (music). Don’t listen to it” and some other stuff about being Racist.
Clips Taken from the Axl Rose narrated documentary Queen: These Are The Days Of Our Lives This was a documentary tv special from 1991.
AC/DC with Axl Rose – Hell’s Bells – Philadelphia, PA 9/20/16
Being in a rock band isn’€™t always easy. Join WatchMojo.com as we count down our picks for the top 10 controversial band member replacements in rock.
Guns N’ Roses Chinese Democracy Tv Spot.
Vélodrome Anoeta (Donosti, San Sebastian), dimanche 10 octobre 2010.