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Duff McKagan & Jerry Cantrell Conversation: Soundwave TV 2014
“Mr. Duff Rose ‘The King of beers’ Mckagan on bass” 😉 This show was officially released by GN’R as the 2 home videos Use Your Illusion I & II. Axl refers to Izzy as some [More]
Duff Mckagan on bass and Krist Novoselic playing the accordion.
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Interview (sous-titrée en français) de Duff McKagan, ancien bassiste de Guns N’ Roses, par les sites GNRFrance.net et SlashFrance.net. Duff nous a parlé de son autobiographie, des membres de GN’R, d’Axl Rose, de Chinese Democracy… [More]
Interview with Duff Mckagan and Slash from Guns N’ Roses from 1988
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