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New Song By Duff McKagan’s Loaded. Official Myspace Version. http://www.myspace.com/loadedlamf http://www.duff-loaded.com
On the Beatbox on Irish TV talking about recording and touring. This was early 1990 and Steven was fired soon after.
A tribute to Duff McKagan… This is my first attempt to make a tribute video.
There were numerous questions about Eric Avery’s return to Jane’s Addiction (2008-2010). This interview is limited to those questions and answers. One long interview in segments, for easy consumption.
Friday December 16,2011.When I say “Last time see together axl and duff together,Im talking in my self,in my person and I know about duff and axl in LONDON !!!!
Hott pics of Duff “Rose” The King of Beers Mckagan!!!!!!…….Enjoy duffymckagan
Hayley Leggs of Nympherno represents TotalRock at Hellfest 2014, in this open and revealing interview with the legend that is Duff McKagan. Here he reveals future plans for Velvet Revolver, discusses the differences in playing [More]