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Album: GN’R Lies Year: 1989 Lyrics: Ow! I’ve been lookin’ for a trace Lookin’ for a heart, Lookin’ for a lover in a world That’s much too dark Because you don’t want my love, no, [More]
G N’ R Lies 1)Reckless Life 00:00 2)Nice Boys 03:22 3)Move to the City 06:33 4)Mama Kin 10:16 5)Patience 14:13 6)Used to Love Her 20:10 7)you’re crazy 23:23 8)One in a Million 27:33
I always loved to hear the songs just like the originals and specially guitar solos, so this video is about GNR Lies, have heard many Guns N’ Roses performances but many solos don’t sound like [More]
Comemorando hj o aniversário de lançamento desse discão de 1988. Mostrando um pouco das minhas versões que tanto amo colecionar e apreciar….só musicão.
I know one song in particular, “Patience,” where Axl hits a certain vocal that gives me chills, and it affects my playing, when that goes by. And it happens every single night when we play [More]
Buy.!! https://www.amazon.fr/G-N-Lies-Guns-Roses/dp/B00FJQLK40/ref=sr_1_1?s=dmusic&ie=UTF8&qid=1510089144&sr=8-1&keywords=guns+n+roses+lies+cd Year: 1988 Label: Geffen Axl Rose vocals Slash guitars Izzy stradlin guitars Duff McKagan bass Steven Adler drums 1. Reckless Life 0:00 2. Nice Boys 3:25 3. Move to the City 6:30 4. [More]