Guns N’ Roses – G N’ R Lies 1988. Rose is no racial bigot; the band’s guitarist, Slash, was born July 23, 1965, the son of a white Englishman and a black American woman. He [More]
To paraphrase Axl: Most of our songs are based off an element of truth. This is, like, the only song we’ve written out of… kinda like a joke. So, this week, I’m presenting my rendition [More]
A demo which was recorded during the GNR Lies sessions; it didn’t make the final cut.
Todos se preguntan ke porke no pusee las fotos de GNR – P.O.D porke ese albun nunca salio ala bentaaa ii guns n roses no lo reconosio de ellos por esoo puse fotos del LP [More]
Patience from the Album GNR Lies i GNR setlist for their Not in this Lifetime Tour 2017 @ Slane Castle Ireland (May 27,2017) Samsung Galaxy S7 audio fail
Artist: Guns N’ Roses Song: One In A Million Please suggest songs for which you want a quality lyrics video uploaded. Yes I needed some time to get away I needed some peace of mind [More]
My GN’R Covers http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQcPBMrPoSYc2mqUqc40ZT24-mRQC1iXt I played a Mama Kin GNR LIES version. I played a SLASH and IZZY Guitar Part. Right Channel : IZZY Part Left Channel : SLASH Part Hope you enjoy my video! [More]
1,2,1,2,3,4 [Whistle] Guess I needed sometime to get away I needed some piece of mind Some piece of mind that’ll stay So I thumbed it down to Sixth and L.A. — So I thumbed it [More]