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J trying out some G n R for a change. Not too shabby for his first run through 😉
Horrible… Had to stop it!
Here is my attempt on this amazing song. It was not my intention to make a note-by-note cover. Its more an interpretation ( especially the end-solo ).
ジャパデモ in 池袋アダム
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Guitar cover for Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door by Guns N Roses….
November Rain by Guns N Roses performed by John Price in the recording studio. Isn’t John Australia’s own Axl Rose? Technical info. Mic is a Neumann U87 through Universal Audio 610 preamp to Purple Audio [More]
Guns’N Roses, performing, “Double Talking Jive”.Live at Western Springs Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand.Not in This Lifetime Tour.04/02/2017#gunsnroses #doubletalkingjive #auckland #newzealand #gnr #rock #music