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A portion of Izzy Stradlins guitar part on Nightrain
Today Izzy revealed the lyrics and meaning behind the song F.P. Money! Turns out it’s not about Guns N’ roses reunion at all. There must be a German word for something that is both a [More]
Artist: Izzy Stradlin Album: Like a Dog Song: Chop Away
Guns N’ Roses “Mr. Brownstone” (Guitar tune: Half step down tuner) Guitar cover with tabs (lesson, How to play) From the Album “Appetite for Destruction” Writers: Guns N’ Roses (Slash, Izzy Stradlin) 1987 ————————————————————————————- Equipment: [More]
Recorded summer 2016 – Originally recorded by Stealers Wheel in 1973 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stuck_in_the_Middle_with_You
Album: Miami [2007] | Artist: Izzy Stradlin | Buy the album @ http://goo.gl/InmyV
Taken from the album, On Down the Road (2002) Available now on itunes and Amazon Tabbed by Nick Lavin (@Badapple73)
Ain’t that a bitch-she had it again Ain’t that a bitch-she gone and split It’s all your mess Ain’t that a bitch-what ya say for yourself I tell ya one thing, yeah that’s the last [More]