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We had a blast with magical British Songstress, Izzy Bizu at Baeble HQ.
Izzy and Chris about first impressions, finding their sound, being truthful with yourself, Sleep Forever, Somebody Better, hype, other people‚Äôs opinions, taking over the world, the current musical climate, a future debut album More video’s: [More]
title track http://www.gunsnfnroses.com/
My engine was pumpin steam And I was ridin at you hard and fast I was burnin down the rails, tryin to heat the way Haulin ass and ridin up the track And laughing at [More]
Guns N’ Roses – Izzy Stradlin rhythm guitar cover….
Taken from the 2007 album, Miami Available now on itunes and Amazon Support your favourite artists and make that purchase! Tabbed by Nick Lavin @Badapple73
A great song performed by Izzy Stradlin from the album 117 Degrees. I uploaded this one because i couldn’t find it on Youtube. If there is any problem with copyrights, please contact me. The rights [More]
Guns N’ Roses Performing 14 Years with Izzy Stradlin at 02 Arena London 31/05/12, part of their 2012 Tour. This is the first time “14 Years” has been performed live since 1991. This is also [More]
Seems to me time was, A little bit less complicated then, And I don’t mind much, I’ve learned, All the angles and the tricks, Yeah, that’s alright, Times are changin’ We roll with it … [More]