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New Single By: Izzy Stradlin Here comes the weather, Here comes the water, Here comes the ocean, All together. Here comes the damage, Here comes the victims, Here comes a brand new broken system. So [More]
Freight Train – Izzy Stradlin Taken from the 1998 album, 117 Degrees Available on itunes, Amazon and all good record stores across the land! Tabbed by Nick Lavin (@Badapple73) Support your favourite artists and make [More]
For the latest Guns N’ Roses latest news check out our blog: www.gnrcentral.com Support Me on Patreon If You Like My Content! https://www.patreon.com/gnrcentral #slash #gnr #axlrose Download Audio of My Videos on ITunes! (Big Thanks [More]
Music Video taken from the album, Like a Dog (2005)
Guns N’ Roses “Back off bitch” (Guitar tune: Half step down) Full cover with tabs (lesson) From the Album “Use Your Illusion I” 1991 Les Paul: Izzy Stradlin rhythm guiar ————————————————————————————- Equipment: -Freeman Les Paul [More]
Guns N’ Roses “Anything Goes” (Guitar tune: Half step down) Guitar cover with tabs (lesson) From the Album “Appetite for Destruction” Writers: Axl Rose, Izzy Stradlin, Chris Weber 1987 Les Paul: Izzy Stradlin rhythm ————————————————————————————- [More]