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This is my cover of an incredible song by Slash called Anastasia. I used a backing track in this cover so the original guitar sound is cut off. Performed by Vishal Kar ( http://instagram.com/vishallkar ) [More]
Halo guys apa kabarnyaa nih.. karena aku ga sempat Nonton Guns N Roses live Di JAKARTA ..jadi aku coba cover aja lagu ny slash yang judulnya Anastasia Part Intro dan Solonya.. Semoga Terhibur yakk Jangan [More]
Blood red sky on a desert road Gotta make my way down to Mexico For what I did I know that it was wrong The fire in my heart, it will never die Everything I [More]
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slash – anastasia 1st solo cover
Cover genialnego utworu Slasha, zapraszam do oglądania! Cover of a brilliant Slash’s song, enjoy! I used original Anastasia as a backing track. Another cover: https://youtu.be/TmHATJsV70E
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