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Neste vídeo estarei fazendo um cover da musica Anastasia do Slash. com uma interpretarão minha no solo final, esta é uma forma de homenagear um dos guitarristas que me inspirou a tocar guitarra. minhas redes [More]
Anastasia By Slash Guitar Backing Track Original Track With Vocals. Backing Track Made By Me. Enjoy 🙂
Slash ft. Myles Kennedy – Anastasia [HD]
Anastasia By Slash Gear: Bass Squier Fender v SansAmp Bass Driver DI Alesis IO2 Interface Fender Rumble VT40 Cubase 5 Tunning: A# D# G# C# F#
Gear: Electric/Acoustic- Randy Jackson Limited Edition American Tribute Electric- Schecter Damien Solo Elite (Diamond Series) Amp- Fender Mustang II Thanks for Watching! I DO NOT OWN THE BACKING TRACK
Lead Guitar- Gibson Les Paul with a Mesa/boogie Dual Rectifier amplifier Rythm Guitar- Gibson Les Paul Slash Custom with a Peavey 6505+ combo amplifier
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