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You can purchase the full pack with the slow lesson video and full tabs. If you are interested, send me a private message 😉 NEW : you can now make a donation on my PayPal [More]
Guns N’ Roses “Estranged” (Guitar tune: half step down) Guitar cover with tabs (lesson – How to play) Writer: Axl Rose 1991 ————————————————————————————- Equipment: -Epiphone Les Paul Studio worn brown -Ernie Ball Strings 0.11 -Pick [More]
Three-dimensional sound https://youtu.be/yp15_iiIK5U?t=14s Auction https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/24672499_1927-francisco-simplicio-presentation-classical “Introduction to Stradivarius” by Peter Sheppard Skaerved http://www.rdiaz.org/rdmagazine52-29jun14.html#magazinerec1 1) Simplicio 1929 triple sound port guitars https://youtu.be/DbnKEwyAWrI?t=14s 2) Francisco Simplicio, his original ideas and their role in avant-garde flamenco guitars https://youtu.be/cUk4aXFyih8?t=14s [More]
http://www.guitarcontrol.com/youtube?v=IOeK8HAe1mI Click on the link above to get the tabs for this video! GO! In this guitar lesson, our female teacher Alejandra, will teach you the classic riff from the classic Black Dog by the [More]
http://www.guitarcontrol.com/youtube?v=rTrYIIGzrwE Click on the link above to get the tabs for this video! GO! In this guitar lesson, our female teacher Alejandra will teach you a cool lick with tapping and the pentatonic scale. This [More]
Solving limitations of outdated proposals http://www.rdiaz.org/rd-art%207.html#solution 9 Novelties of the modern flamenco guitars 1 Maple fretboard http://www.rdiaz.org/rd-art%207.html#maple-fretboard 2 Sound portal http://www.rdiaz.org/rd-art%207.html#sound-portal 3 Maple bridge http://www.rdiaz.org/rd-art%207.html#maple-bridge 4 Flamed maple neck http://www.rdiaz.org/rd-art%207.html#flamed-maple-neck 5 Carbon Fiber(Rh)http://www.rdiaz.org/rd-art%207.html#carbon-fiber-hand-saddle 6 New [More]
Guns N Roses Live Estadio River Plate, Buenos Aires, Argentina 05-12-1992 Tracklist: 1.- Welcome To The Jungle 2.- Mr. Brownstone 3.- Live And Let Die 4.- Attitude 5.- Band Jam 6.- Yesterday 7.- Double Talkin [More]
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