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Sometimes the guitarists live’s are in the hands of the guitar tech. But here, Slash is actually handed an out of tune guitar. Unbelievable! Original video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MwaXCfUvX8 For more, check out my other sites! [More]
Slash Solo & Godfather Theme Amsterdam Paradiso May 31, 2010 Filmed by Holyblop/Greg for http://www.slashfrance.net
Auditioning to play guitar alongside Slash can’t be easy. Watch the first of two auditions.
Swee Lee presents: Jim Dunlop SW95 Slash Signature Cry Baby Wah It may not wear a top hat and have any obvious piercings, but this pedal is every bit as unique as the musician who [More]
Watch the second audition for Slash’s backup guitarist.
Slash; Godfather theme & Sweet Child O´ Mine. Alive. 2011. Brasil. Share it… like it … subscribe us… favorite !
On the final instalment of our question session with Slash he discusses his tattoos, getting into a fight with Michael Hutchence and his new album ‘World On Fire’.
Slash and Michael Bearden live guest appearance with The Ese Vatos at George Lopez Show, 1/31/2011. Check out http://www.slashparadise.com
Travis Barker Ft. Transplant & Slash – Saturday night (video version 2)