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On February 11, 2012, Haley, Slash and Myles performed the Rolling Stones classic on a nationally televised broadcast to celebrate Muhammad Ali’s 70th Birthday in Las Vegas (she later got the opportunity to sing Happy [More]
Camp Freddy doing Paradise City with Chester Bennington, Slash, Billy Duff and the rest of Camp Freddy
Lemmy featuring Slash and Dave Grohl in the 2010 Revolver Golden Gods Awards. Song: Ace of Spades
By Juanjo Pelegrín Gear used: amplitube 4 (emulation of JCM 800) + Vox Straight 6 pedal and my old Crybaby. The Vox goes with a JJ 12Ax7!
Big Thanks to Kevin for this interview. Plenty more are on the way! Axl Rose and Slash sit down to talk about Appetite for Destruction and more in this Guns N’ Roses interview! Support Me [More]