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In this video we swap out and compare the stock pickups of a Vintage V100 Paradise (Wilkinson MWHZ) with the Seymour Duncan Slash Alnico II set. What do you think? Please comment below… http://astrings.co.uk/instruments-electric-guitars-vintage-v100-guitar-paradise-flamed-maple-v100afd/dp/5170 http://astrings.co.uk/spares-and-parts-electric-guitar-pickups-seymour-duncan-aph-2s-slash-alnico-ii-pro-set-humbuckers-zebra-1611104-08zrz/dp/6935
Slash – Live In Manchester – 2010 – Paradise City
Slash playing a cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “Hey Joe”.
Mansfield XFinity Center July 16, 2014
Guitar World’s Lesson with Slash on how to play Paradise City… slash talks how he plays paradise city on guitar in this guitar tutorial
This pro shot footage was from the Rock N 2 Remember Benefit concert.
Back To The Future : Chuck Berry Remembered ^_^ .. Must Enjoy Folks !!! Best And Most Addictive Version On Youtube… Hope You Have Fun And Please Leave Your Reflections In Comments =)