Slash & Vybz Kartel – Badman nuh bow
Guns N’ Roses – Slash Solo Feb 11 2017 – ANZ Stadium Sydney Australia
The Dead Daisies tell the adventurous story of a young modern-day teen and his gang of misfits reminiscent of the The Lost Boys, who ultimately finds himself surrounded by a tribe of native girls that [More]
Un premier album solo et bientôt un ampli Marshall signature pour le guitariste de Guns n’ Roses.http://www.laboitenoiredumusicien.com
Le groupe solo de Slash entre guns n” roses et Velvet revolver. Speed Parade live Buffalo 2001. Ca arrache!!
Mon petit Slashou avec MJ sur MTV en 91 pour une version bien exité de black or white
@ 1’15” – One man tryed to hit Slash during sweet child of mine solo !!! Hope this fucker get his ass kicked by security.
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Top 10 Slash Solos with Snakepit Here’s my Top 10 of Snakepit solos!! It was a real pain in the a.. recording all in one shot^^ #1 is my all time favorite 🙂 Slash at [More]