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ceci et une vidéo sur les secret de guitare de slash.
Slash With Myles Kennedy – Max Sessions 01. Intro (Ghost) 02. Patience 03. Back From Cali 04. Fall To Pieces 05. Starlight 06. By The Sword 07. Civil War 08. Sweet Chid O’ Mine
‘Slash Repeater’ is part of the Rock Technique series. We haven’t played a repetition lick for a while. This lick will increase dexterity for the 2nd & 3rd fingers. The repeating section is played in [More]
Slash, Axl and Duff joined Foo Fighters at Firenze Rocks for It’s so Easy. Credits: @meeganhodges
Chrono Trigger Boss #10 Slash
Rihanna’nın çok beğendiğim bir şarkısı, “Rockstar” ve benim yorumum.