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Jamie Foxx and T-Pain won a Grammy for Best R&B Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals for “Blame It,” and they talked Grammy and Slash.
Music Staff – https://www.musicstaff.com.br / – Music Staff / https://www.musicstaff.com.br
Download the album here : http://disasterfunhouse.blogspot.com/2010/07/slash.html
Promo des derniers morceaux de SLASH (artiste dancehall jamaicain) dans l’emission de radio RUN THE TRACK. Promotion of SLASH (jamaican dancehall artist) brand new tunes at the french radio show RUN THE TRACK. www.myspace.com/portmoreslash www.myspace.com/runthetrack
Analizamos los Slash Chords que genera una Triada Mayor contra las doce notas Cromáticas y sus modos resultantesPara solicitar algun contenido especifico, escribir a: guitarlessonsdelivery@gmail.com Gracias por mirar!
+ de vidéos sur www.off.tv // Retrouvez en acoustique le titre “Life slash dreams”
I cover the guitar part of the kravitz Groovy song “always on the run”Hope you’ll appreciate it.Feel free to leave some comments Hassoune amine
Niko Facebook Live 09-05-18 (30 minutes improvisation Slash style) That’s a 30 minutes full improvisation so please be nice with the mistakes^^ If you want to take Skype lessons with me, email me at nikoslash@bbox.fr [More]