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Always On The Run – Lenny Kravitz/Slash
homepage: http://rockonmedia.com Glastonbury Festival 2010 – Slash – Paradise City @ BBC Interactive High Quality – Enjoy ! facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rockonmedia/190691190971725
rip by http://www.slashfrance.net Slash feat Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators – Live HOB, Las Vegas, USA (25/07/2013) Final Apocalyptic Love show. Aired by eventlive.com – Halo 0:04:13 – Mean Bone 0:07:20 (Slash’s Snakepit) – Nightrain [More]
Wildwood Guitars is proud to present one of the most anticipated releases in the history of the Gibson Custom Shop: The Slash 1958 “First Standard” Les Paul. Extensive research through the Gibson archives has confirmed [More]
Sound Like Slash Guns n’ Roses on POD HD500 #LINE6 patch settings MARSHALL Amp Simulation USB Recording #guitar to PC. #Distortion, distorção na Pedaleira #PODHD500 simulador de amp. Direct guitar USB audio interface.
“Tie Your Mother” au “Tribute to Freddie Mercury” ! Concert, organisé en l’hommage du chanteur, auquel ont été invité grand nombre d’artistes 🙂 Ici, on retrouve : – Mr Slash ! Légendaire guitariste des Guns [More]
ALTER BRIDGE/SLASH Singer MYLES KENNEDY Performs AC/DC Classic With STEEL PANTHER on March 4 2016 in Spokane, Washington.