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Life’s Sweet Drug 00:34 Been There Lately 05:15
The speech at the beginning of the song has been removed.
Finally it’s time for cover of Mean Bone from Ain’t Life Grant – second Slash’s Snakepit album. Sometimes a bit sloppy but after all I’ve wanted to record my Marshall AFD and it was main [More]
www.slashfrance.net Slash’s Snakepit – Buenos Aires 1995 [FULL SHOW] – Rare 21/07/1995 Obras Stadium, Buenos Aires Argentina 1. Intro Pulp Fiction Main Theme 2. Doin´ Fine 3. Good To Be Alive 4. Monkey Chow 5. [More]
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Come on down to our house All the neighbors are away We’re invitin’ everyone We got take out and everything The local P.D.’s been around That’s one right over there And the chick that’s sittin’ [More]