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http://www.MattLaugdrums.com – Since my 1st video post of the band tracking the song “The Alien” for the record Aint Life Grand by Slash’s Snakepit, I’ve received many requests to post more videos. So…..as promised, here’s [More]
Music : Slash’s Snakepit : It’s Five o’ clock – Dime Store Rock Music Genre : Hard Rock Copyrights : All rights are reserved to the band “Slash’s Snakepit”. iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/slashs-snakepit/id7308664
Slash’s Snakepit – Back and Forth Again (Full Cover) If you want to purchase the tabs, send me a private message 😉 NEW : you can now make a donation on my PayPal adress lesnens@bbox.fr [More]
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PLEASE READ! The response from you guys was so awesome, especially for a holiday weekend, that I decided that 75 likes per law video was sufficient to release a guitar video. I will have to [More]
Slash’s Snakepit I Hate Everybody(but you) Album: It’s five o’clock somewhere (1995)
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Lyrics: I Know I’ve Got To Beware High Plains Drifter My Friend I Know I’ve Got To Be There You Say I’ve Got To Be Gone Keep Singing That Pusherman Song I Know There’s Someone [More]