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Lyrics: I Know I’ve Got To Beware High Plains Drifter My Friend I Know I’ve Got To Be There You Say I’ve Got To Be Gone Keep Singing That Pusherman Song I Know There’s Someone [More]
Slash’s Snakepit live @ Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas, USA, 2001-07-09 Audience shot Members: Rod Jackson – Vocals Slash – Lead Guitar Keri Kelli – Rhythm Guitar Johnny Griparic – Bass Matt Laug – Drums Tracklist: [More]
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Ain’t LIfe Grand performed by my band. This is during the final in a norwegian competition, called UKM. Please SUBSCRIBE, and give a comment about what you’re thinking about the band! Thank you! Vocal – [More]
Slash & Eric Dover Playing Beggars & Hangers-on in “Hora Prima” MTV With Alfredo Lewin.
Slash’s Snakepit [Rare Recording] Location: Deep Ellum Dallas, TX 75201 United States Date: 07.09.2001 Members: Slash “THE HAT” [Lead Guitar] Rod Jackson [Vocalist] Johnny “Blackout” Griparic [Bass] Matt Laug [Drums] Keri Kelli [Rhythm Guitar] __________________________ [More]
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From the Pistoia Blues Festival 95 in Italy