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Want the MIDI/MP3?: https://www.patreon.com/karimkamar Sheet Music Here: http://bit.ly/2LM0xS5 How I Played It: https://youtu.be/sxRguET3gH8 Keyboard model: Yamaha P-255 VST/Software Sound: Keyscape by Spectrasonic Check out my affiliate link – learn piano songs quick and easy with [More]
Mengcover Lagu milik Guns n Roses yang berjudul Sweet Child O Mine adalah tantangan berat bagi kami, selain lagu ini di kenal di seluruh dunia, lagu ini termasuk agak susah buat di main kan. Suport [More]
Sweet Child of Mine by Guns N’ Roses from The Office Final Episode Wedding Scene Get this song and more here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/willtaylorandstringsattached/ckNp This song was featured on the Final Episode of “The Office” See that [More]
SingFest 2007 Singapore – Sugar Ray “Sweet Child Of Mine” at Fort Canning Green on 8 August 2007
xZethy performing Guns n Roses’s sweet child of mine at channel V launchpad (NEEV 07) held at SCMHRD
http://www.RuthLorenzo.TV————————————- Ruth Lorenzo performing at Maspalomas Pride in Gran Canaria for 10th Anniversary of the Gay Pride. Singing “Sweet Child of Mine”. Thanks to sailor1955 for the video ——–Ruth Lorenzo cantando at Maspalomas Pride en [More]
Sleep my sweet child Just close your eyes Rest your head And lay near mine Sleep soundly with peace I’ll hold you tight Don’t worry about anything Just dream through the night Relax your mind [More]
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