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stock #34 Marshall Plexi 1959SLP Frank Levi mod made by BRBS amp http://www.brbsamplification.com/ preamp master on 8 gain on 3 Gibson Les Paul standard w/burstbucker pro THD Hotplate -16db switch on greenback cab Shure SM57
Sweet Child o` Mine performed on one of the best Guns `n` Roses concerts ever!
canción sweet child´o mine de gun´s ´n roses ukelele cover
Which of these two lead vocalists would you choose? Facebook: http://facebook.com/Midnightstrike3625 Tumblr: http://midnightstrike3625.tumblr.com Dailymotion: http://dailymotion.com/midnightstrike3625 The songs in video, “Midnight/Tornado” by Skid Row and “Take Me Away” by Killswitch Engage are fair use under U.S. [More]
Song for free guns n’ roses – Get In The Ring – Use Your Illusion II
Song for free guns n’ roses – So Fine – Use Your Illusion II
voici le premier solo , le deuxième et une impro sur le pont et la fin du morceau juste pour me faire plaisir!!.Les deux premiers solo sont en sol majeur penta et l’impro en sol [More]
Song for free guns n’ roses – 14 Years – Use Your Illusion II