Suffer not an illusion , Keep your mind on what is real. Start right from the beginning. For time does not stand still. We have to face our problems day in and out. That’s the [More]
Days… with scorching blaze nights… with blunt dark gaze Winds are again mourning in the cemetery of emotions Dawn is breaking the silence over n You are here standing next to me So close that [More]
I have felt your beating heart beat next to mine I have adjusted my breathing So that we may breathe in time The 8-counts, off beat Staccato at double speed And our voices and our [More]
Song for free guns n’ roses – The Garden – Use Your Illusion I
Song for free guns n’ roses – You Could Be Mine – Use Your Illusion II
The True Story Behind Guns N’ Roses song Coma from Use Your Illusion 1 Guns N’ Roses Santiago, Chile September 29 2017 Monumental Gibbos Axl’s Advanced Demo Copy Source Material: http://www.a-4-d.com/t100-coma LA Weekly Guns N’ [More]
In The Court of The Wenton King review Use Your Illusion I and II By Guns n’ Roses. Our spotify mix of UYI can be found here – http://wenton.co.uk/2017/01/21/use-your-illusion-the-wenton-remix/ Use your Illusion I 1. “Right [More]
Released simultaneously in September 1991, the brace of albums making up the Use Your Illusion double set made history before most fans had heard a note – never before (and never since) had any group [More]
Use Your Illusion I 1)Right Next Door to Hell 00:00 2)Dust N’ Bones 03:01 3)Live and Let Die 08:00 4)Don’t Cry 11:04 5)Perfect Crime 15:44 6)You Ain’t the First 18:08 7)Bad Obsession 20:44 8)Back Off [More]