Duff Mckagan GUNS N’ ROSES Bass Solo Tokyo ’92 – Cover WITH TABS !

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In order to celebrate Guns N’ Roses reunion and the release of the movie “It’s so easy” here is a cover of Duff”s bass solo from the famous Tokyo ’92 concert!
I got into bass recently and decided to give this solo a try. I have very fond memory of me watching this concert and playing over and over again the bass solo. It sounded like magic to me at the time.
I am very happy to have the opportunity to listen to this again and finally learned it.

I learned it by ears because most of the videos and tabs I found on the internet seemed to be always wrong at some point. I’m not saying that my version is necesarilly 100% accurate but I do believe it is very close to the original!

For those interrested you can download my tab here:

And my backing track here:

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