Duff McKagan’s Loaded – Sick (From “Sick” CD & Bonus DVD)

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Duff Mckagan’s Loaded The Taking full Movie: http://smarturl.it/LoadedTheTakingMovie

On 23 / 24 May 2011, Eagle Rock’s Armoury Records is delighted to release “Sick”, the second album by Duff McKagan’s Loaded, which was originally released in 2009. Following the release on Armoury of the band’s new album “The Taking” in April 2011, this release is a special edition of “Sick” with a bonus live DVD and two additional bonus tracks.

The album was critically acclaimed on its original release and the reissue of this special edition will be welcomed by the many fans who missed out on it first time round. The 94 minute bonus DVD was filmed at The Garage in Glasgow in 2008. As well as the live show it contains 5 webisodes, 4 on the making of the album and one on the 2008 UK tour, and the music video for “No More”.


CD: 1) Sick 2) Sleaze Factory 3) Flatline 4) IOU 5) The Slide 6) Translucent 7) Mother’s Day 8) I See Through You 9) Forgive Me 10) No Shame 11) Blind Date Girl 12) Wasted Heart 13) No More
Bonus Tracks: 14) Roll Away 15) Wasted Heart (acoustic)

DVD: 1) Sick 2) Queen Joanasophina 3) IOU 4) No More 5) Dark Days 6) Superman 7) Sleaze Factory 8) Executioner’s Song 9) 10 Years 10) Translucent 11) I Wanna Be Your Dog

The Line-up for this album whipping up the band’s trademark blend of hard rock with a punk edginess features Duff McKagan — vocals, guitar; Mike Squires — guitar, backing vocals; Jeff Rouse — bass, backing vocals (lead vocals on “Translucent”); Geoff Reading — drums, backing vocals; Norman Baltzo, Greg Schroeder and Nate Schlermer — horns on “Blind Date Girl.”

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