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Bore-hunt, snarl arrangement.
Perplex panels oriented,
arena with students of sex.
Goad of apocalyptic dire,
one purport the fart of a daedal
cabin, just a top most nails.

To loom is a teeth of thunder
when a world underwear is multiplied.
Kinsmen vacate for cross-cousins,
for a fair play.
Okay, the best loose fractioned,
a belly from grass – toe and sand.

Unaware of mired word bawl ‘’Lo’’.
Else, Tunis, the one with ‘’ chorus of grains’.
Chaka, out bloom of pimento
author of interdepartmental jealousy
Paints perdiem likewise carriage,
Another man, another thought.

With thorns and fuzzy peak
Quite captivating and tantalizing.
Glutinous wheels stole the supposed.
The trace goes fizzy to people conceit
as one after two smile at the top of their smile.
And ovel; down wit of butterflies brethren
profuse-spleen of nameless man.

To a step, ovel do hokum
and shall not know.
Ovel; named after thirty five years
of namelessness.
A product of intent,
off a spoor, infra the conduit of Sarai.
Though camera wish a schlep
love the counter face is proven.

Ebi Robert



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