GNR Album Medleys – Appetite For Destruction – Series One

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One of my all time favourite albums is ‘Appetite For Destruction’. I wouldn’t be playing guitar without it!! As you all probably know my favourite band is of course GNR and I have been wanting to do something like this for a while. Myself and the awesome Jonathan Rogler from Canada are going to collab on a series of videos that cover all the songs off of each GNR album (Chorus’s) in one medley for each individual album. I can’t wait to tackle the Use Your Illusion albums!

Big thanks to Jonathan who is an incredible musician. Show the man some love and subscribe to his channel and leave a comment!

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The Band

Jonathan Rogler on vocals (CANADA)

Karl Golden on Bass & Guitar (UK)

Edited & mixed by Karl Golden

Appetite For Destruction Album Listing

1. Welcome To The Jungle 00:05
2. It’s So Easy 00:21
3. Nightrain 00:34
4. Out Ta Get Me 01:03
5. Mr Brownstone 01:16
6. Paradise City 01:30
7. My Michelle 01:51
8. I Think About You 02:01
9. Sweet Child O Mine 02:28
10. You’re Crazy 02:46
11. Anything Goes 03:06
12. Rocket Queen 03:18

Click below for ‘Appetite For Destruction’ playlist

Click below for ‘Use Your Illsuion I’ playlist

Click below for ‘Use Your Illusion II’ playlist


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