Guns N’ Roses Garden Of Eden IZZY STRADLIN ONLY with tabs | Rhythm guitar

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Guns N’ Roses

“Garden of Eden” (Guitar tune: half step down)
Guitar cover with tabs (lesson – How to play)
From the Album “Use Your Illusion I”
Writer: Slash, Axl Rose



-Epiphone Les Paul LP 100 cherry sunburst
-Ernie Ball Strings 0.11
-Pick Dunlop Tortex 0.88 mm
-Joyo Dyna Compressor
-Joyo Noise Gate
-Joyo Deluxe Crunch
-Joyo Vintage Overdrive
-Tomsline Aroma Pure Echo
-Tomsline Aroma Booster
-Sony HDR-CX240


-Guitar Rig 5
-Power Director 11
-DivXLand Media Subtitler
-Cubase 5
-FL Studio

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