Guns N’ Roses Interview 2016: Axl Rose Talks About Slash, Izzy Stradlin & Steven Adler

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GUNS N’ ROSES members Axl Rose and Duff McKagan were interviewed on tonight’s (Sunday, September 4) edition of “Fantástico”, the Brazilian weekly news magazine which airs on Globo TV. You can now watch the chat at A few excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).

On what the driving force was in bringing Axl, Duff and Slash back together after so many years apart:

Axl: “Actually, it had a lot to do with Paul Tollett of [the] Coachella [festival]. He started talking about [booking a reunion of the classic GUNS N’ ROSES lineup for his festival]. It seemed real. So at that point, I just told my people that they could go ahead and start talking to people and see what’s going on. And then as it became more real, I texted Fernando [Lebeis, who is part of the GUNS N’ ROSES management team] and asked for Slash’s number. And then Fernando texted his mom [Beta Lebeis, who is also part of the GUNS N’ ROSES management team], and he was, like, ‘If this is a joke, I’m gonna kill you.'”

On whether they initially thought Coachella was going to be just a one-off reunion gig:

Axl: “No. It started with talking about Coachella, but at the same time that those talks were starting, there were people involved with Coachella — agencies and things — so they were having these conversations about what they could possibly do or not. So it was all being considered.”

On whether they thought from the very beginning that this could turn into a more long-term reunion:

Axl: “We started talking, like, in the spring. Everybody’s people were finding out about possibilities and things like that, and then we started talking together in the spring.”

Duff: “Getting into rehearsals, it was really just kind of one day at a time. I don’t know that I thought too much about how far ahead. It was just really cool to play some of the music with the guys that I was playing it with.”

On Axl’s first meeting with Slash to discuss a GUNS N’ ROSES reunion:

Axl: “Like I said, I had asked for [Slash’s] number. And then I had called him and he was on tour or something, and then we set up when we were gonna see each other, and I think something happened to both of our plans and that didn’t happen. And then eventually in October, we got together and we had a dinner at my house. And then Duff and I went and hung out right after that — like a week or so after. And then it was just kind of talking and planning. We initially were gonna do some kind of promos and stuff, and then other things came up that got in the way of that. And then it was rehearsals. And I went down to rehearsal, and everything just sounded right. And we just went to work. It was time to sing, see what the sound sounded like and stuff and get ready for the show, and it was all working.”

On whether each one of the three of them — Axl, Duff and Slash — had to change a bit for the reunion to be happening right now:

Duff: “I really got to discover, in the best of ways, the album ‘Chinese Democracy’ that [Axl] made [without the other members of the classic GN’R lineup], and it was these songs he had worked on. And I had listened to the record, but when you start to play the songs as a player, you really discover all the layers in the songs. But really kind of how you hear it and how I’m hearing the songs are maybe a little bit different. And when we went into rehearsals, we wanted to really own… like this is gonna be what we’re doing.”

Axl: “I didn’t have anything, really, to do with that. They stepped to songs on ‘Chinese’. They asked, ‘Which ones are you interested in us doing?’ and stuff, and they stepped to that on their own. They started working with Frank [Ferrer, drums], ’cause they had their own way of working with the drummer, and working with the rhythms, and kind of picked up the tempo on some of the old songs a bit, and things like that, and got their communication working. So they spent a good while with that on their own.”



funguy29 says:

Axl is the employer the rest are just contracted employees. Izzy wanted money and nobody wanted to pay.

Simon Evans says:

axl is fat. that's sad. time kills everything.

TheZombieShark 33 says:

Off topic, but, if Axl got in a fight today, he'd really fuck someone up! I know he's outta shape in all, but look at how many rings he has.

mc blammer says:

why is donald trump talking so much about meeting slash? and why's he dressed like a wild west villain from the future?

Pete Cochrane says:

It's good to see Axl so chilled and approachable, it's like back when they first started out. I know he's been through some shit and credit to him for overcoming a hell of a lot. At his age, with his money and people yessing him to death, no wonder he went crazy.

Milos Pantelic says:

When all five guys are not here,that s not the Guns n Roses bend.That band called GNR,and this is a new band.That new band has nothing to do with the real Guns.It is indeed a tragedy.and may finaly unite.

Yertle The Turtle says:

It's so good to see Duff here looking so healthy and buff (physically fit) when you think the last time they were really together, poor ol' Duff was a mess. Can't wait for next month… London Calling!!!

Sebastian Dangerfield says:

Sounds like Izzy Stradlin really walked away for good.

Drummernut says:

Axl , the pawn shop called, they need their bracelets back…

Aleksi K says:

Funny how the interviewer can't ask straight question, he keeps mumbling on and then both Duff and Axl kinda avoid answering to that specific question, they just circle around the topic.

rofyle says:

Who's that old fat guy in the hat?

MusicMitchy says:

somebody tell Axel that he needs badly to grow sideburns..

Benjamin Myles says:

I don't think Axl cares to much for his questioning at all

Inverse Hierarchy says:

wow axl grown
as a man
it seems

Michael A. Bruce says:

again do it right or don't do it at all. I don't get it. yeah it might be a reunion but not a real reunion.

PJ says:

I think after axl got surgery or whatever to lose weight he isn't even looking like himself anymore. Back in 2012 he was fat but at least he looked like himself

Scotty H says:

blah blah blah…."we want to get paid"!!!!!!!!

Kamren Apelskog says:

yes its great they're are back together getting along now. but it looks like they're just doing it for the money, and not the glory anymore.

TKDiniz1 says:

The interviewer felt like he was playing Minesweeper asking those questions,i would've felt the same way too though…

Gail meeks says:

Axl makes so many hand gestures while he's talking that's  it's distracting.

Nikola Topalovic says:

Duff is such a polititian! On a question "how much everyone of you (three guys) needed to changed in order to make possible this reunion to happend"… On this potentialy unpleasant question Duff responded in a manner "wow dude, look the airplane above", and took a story completely in a different direction. Maybe that was accidently, but probably not. Maybe he knew Axl could get emotional and get lost in that one so he took over. Axl was more unprepared for this interview, as he got lost in Izzy subject and by body language it was obvious that things are not clear with Izzy, and that there are some missing puzzles in Axls story.

Tracy Hanley says:

I would've liked to of heard Slashes point of view too

Purgatory Life says:

I guess the only band to step up and do a Nazareth track …….now that would be Bad Ass !!!!!' Fucking dreaming right.? Or is it no one can do it ?

NewJerseyMilitia says:

No Izzy, no Adler, no GNR.

Doug Doug says:


Christopher Palmer says:

I wouid have liked to have been a fly on the wall at axls home when slash turned up

Christopher Palmer says:

good interview I wouid have liked to hear more about wheather steven was in rehearsal from the beginning

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