Guns N’ Roses News: Axl Rose Wild Tour Bus & Dizzy’s Daughter Gets Married

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Axl’s Rose Wild Tour Bus

Dizzy Reed’s Daughter Married

“John Policastro recently wrote about Axl Rose’s Guns N’ Roses aftershow party on The Daily Dot.

“On my way down from Boston to the convention Sunday night, I made a brief detour to the ass-end of the GNR afterparty in New York, held at Club Never Never on 14th Street, which featured appearances by actor/comedians Maya Rudolph, Jordan Peele, and Dean Winters. Axl, swaddled inside a human hive of models, made time to briefly chat with fans and sign autographs, grinning ear to ear, before heading back to his bus, which was equipped with a stripper pole, champagne, and, naturally, more models. This was clearly not the raucous rocker the liberal mainstream music media has been lying to you about, and that point was only driven home harder as the subject of Republican nominee and Twitter savant Donald Trump came up. Attending a Guns N’ Roses concert some 25 years ago, Trump gushed to Rose, ‘You’re like the Donald Trump of rockers!’”

Page Six had previously reported that Axl Rose was spotted partying with models at Club Never Never on 14th Street in New York until the early hours of Monday last week following Guns N’ Roses’ shows at MetLife Stadium. The models included Lily Donaldson, Caroline Winberg, Valery Kaufman and Rianne ten Haken, whose ages range from 22 to 31.

“Axl hung out talking to people,” says a source. “A lot of the models were the skinny, mercenary type. Axl likes pretty girls, but ones who are intelligent. He’s like the anti-Leonardo DiCaprio.”

Page Six also reports that Duff McKagan and actor Dean Winters were in attendance, and that they partied late while the band’s tour bus was parked outside. While Axl and Duff enjoyed great entertainment in New York, you can enjoy your own at home by playing bingo games for entertainment.”


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