Guns N’ Roses – Nightrain [60FPS] – 1988-12-07 – Nakano Sunplaza – Tokyo, Japan

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By the time the band played this gig they had a number one Billboard album, “Appetite for Destruction”, and had just released the EP “GnR Lies” the week before which would eventually reach the #2 position on the charts. Before the end of the year both records would be in the top 5 on the charts simultaneously.

The show starts with the pre-concert music playing Jim Carroll’s “People Who Died” from his “Catholic Boy Album”. This leads into the intro where the MC announces the band as ” Alright Tokyo, Out of all the bands in the world these guys are definitely one of them, would you please welcome from Hollywood Guns and Roses”, the band then kicks into “You’re Crazy” which is a slower tempo then the studio version. It is very similar to the version on the official live cd “Live Era ‘87-’93. Other then that song the band pretty much stays faithful to the album version of the songs with the exception of the couple guitar solos by Slash and the Steven Adlers drum solo.

The band is very tight this night and while they play close to the recorded versions Slash does throw in some tasty solos and his playing is near perfect. Axl’s voice is strong and he is able to hit all the high notes with no hint of the hoarseness he would experience at times during their run as the opening act for Aerosmith on the Permanent Vacation and later tours. Based on the in between song banter Axl is in a very good mood urging the audience on with none of the anger and ranting we see during later tours.

By the start of December 1988, Guns N’ Roses were back out on the road: five headline shows in Japan, held over from the summer, culminating in a sell-out show at the 14,000-capacity Budokan, in Tokyo. With the exception of Axl, the band were mostly drunk throughout this tour, as they knew they would be unable to score for drugs of any description once inside Japan. As Doug Goldstein says: ‘They knew they couldn’t take any heroin with them. So on the plane over Izzy takes a handful of sleeping pills and we literally have to carry him through customs – into the van and then up to his room.’ Hours later, ‘Izzy wakes up and he has literally no fucking clue where in the world he is. So he calls Steven. “Hey, man, where are we?” Steven goes, “We’re in fucking Japan.” Izzy goes, “No we’re not.” Steven goes, “I want you to go to the window right now and look outside and if you can see one head of blonde hair I’ll suck your dick!”
‘Another night, Steven’s sleepwalking cos he’s fucking drunk out of his mind. Cos that’s what they do when they can’t get any drugs, they drink their asses off. So Steven walks into his drum tech’s room, Tom Mayhew, and pisses in the heater. He thought it was the toilet. He’s lifting the seat up … oh my god!’

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