guns n’ roses – One In A Million – G N’ R Lies

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Song for free guns n’ roses – One In A Million – G N’ R Lies

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Rossington Coles says:

To clear up everything in the comments, this song is the equivalent of Nirvana's "Rape Me" but more subtle – it's a passive-aggressive way of standing up for the 'immigrants and faggots' and so on, and for that alone I love this song… Let alone the fact that musically it has a really good tune

Thomas Sheehan says:

who gives a fuck it's music ibmean their are racist parts

Nautilus1972 says:

The inside sleeve this record has … and he's showing the COVER????

Richard Graham says:

not a racist song, if you listen to it its just the freaking opposite

RockNRoli 666 says:

Well…good music is timeless…

coffee 7 says:

that voice tho .. dear god !!! one of a kind .. not one in a million

Eric Bomberger says:

the whole A side of Lies is great but never gets credit….

Jason Henry Henry says:

wow that's hittin

Jason Henry Henry says:

wow that's hittin

Sue. yes Simmons says:

this is the best.

anders karlsson says:

lol today they would say , rasism/nazism, but those Days it was ok to say what you felt

Chester Pesko says:

Izzy Stradlin on electric guitar.

trisha8884u says:

still listening and still loving GNR- not many people viewing this now- are they worried about being called something?

Tim L says:

I learned and played this song on my guitar when it came out! Guess I must be kinda old lol

G. Blang. says:

2017 into the future I'll be listenin…much too high…

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