Guns ‘N’ Roses – Paradise City (Live At Wembley ’92)

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Guns 'N' Roses - Paradise City (Live At Wembley '92)

Paradise City performed by Guns ‘N’ Roses Live at Wembley in ’92 before the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert. It’s an another band that he played before the concert together the Def Leppard,Extreme and other. They were presented by Roger Taylor: Queen’s drummer. Together Brian May,Roger Taylor and John Deacon Axl Rose and Slash performed some songs. Axl Bohemian Rhapsody (together Elton John) and We Will Rock and Slash performed the first song of the concert: Tie Your Mother Down with Joe Elliot: Def Leppard’s singer.

Guns 'N' Roses - Paradise City (Live At Wembley '92)
Guns 'N' Roses - Paradise City (Live At Wembley '92)
Guns 'N' Roses - Paradise City (Live At Wembley '92)
Guns 'N' Roses - Paradise City (Live At Wembley '92)
Guns 'N' Roses - Paradise City (Live At Wembley '92)

Guns 'N' Roses - Paradise City (Live At Wembley '92)

Guns 'N' Roses - Paradise City (Live At Wembley '92)


GlobaISM says:

For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him – JESUS CHRIST CAN SAVE YOU – Open Your Heart

ddlz60 says:

shut up

carlos chiquito says:

11 people couldent reach paridise city

carlos chiquito says:

anyone who mutes guns n roses are dick heads

carlos chiquito says:

@DiiogoRamalho lol

carlos chiquito says:

they are but u get fantastic rythem

carlos chiquito says:

take me down to the paridise city wher rap is dead and pop is bitchy



Fallon Pettingill says:

People Sayin ‘Like if Your Still Listening to This in 2011 … That’s Stupid because umm Why wouldn’t i be .


fuck you!!!! vete a la *******

mackoyouz says:

real gods can rock in 240p! Best band ever!

israel villamar apolo says:

recien veo este!!!!

GNRDisturbedSlash says:

rockhall(dot)com/get-involved/­interact/poll/ vote Gn’R for RnR hall of fame people!

Maxwell James says:

Why is Slash’s Guitars so silent here?

pianoman15304 says:

dear sound engineers on this concert:
turn down Axl.
turn down Matt.
turn up Slash.
thank you.


take me down to the mexico city were the grass is red and the farals eat chilli

dmehta says:

As good a drummer as Matt Sorum is, this song doesn’t sound the same without Steven Adler’s loose drumming style.

Lucas Guimaraes says:

Uma pena q essa banda morreu.

MrItsmejeffrey says:

Matt Sorum,,,technically perfect. I miss Steven though.

leonardot10 says:

la mejor banda del mundo yeahh guns and roses

saifullah1122 says:

I’d give up everything to be at this concert <3.

GodlikeStricker says:

Lololo Slash’s hat fell off! 3:48

Jérémy Blatter says:

i have the right of express my opinion asshole.i don’t know if in your country you can but in mine people can. you can say what you want about anything. you can say to me i’m a dumbass, faggot, asshole or whatever… i just don’t care.

Ihatemyusernamemore says:

there are plenty of non-guns n roses related videos on youtube for you to fuck off to if you’re gunna be like that

DoubleOZombie says:

He said shove it to a group of people protesting against axl for being homophobic

Jérémy Blatter says:

the paradise city is the city where noone knows GnR and where they have never existed


ive started calling them GUNS N’ ROSES 2.0 lol

Numanoid1963 says:

Think Slash’s guitar had problems all evening..At the gig, when he came on for ‘Tie your mother down’ during the Queen set in the second half of the gig, you couldn’t hear his guitar till right near the end of the guitar solo…

JonathanVarkey says:

Axl: take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty why wont ya take me home

Random Queer: you suck!!

Axl: Shove it!!!

FuckMagicification says:

he may be a dick but hes a fuckin good singer, the band was called guns n roses and always will be

lido672 says:

Axle Rose is a dipshit. Was then, is now and always will be. Somebody needs to relieve him of his falsetto fantasies and put him back to dunking fries where he belongs. Slash, on the other hand, is true talent. The band should have been named “Slash and the Turds.”

1FineYoungCannibal says:

Def Leppard paved the way for the likes of GnR.

K3vindust says:

Is it just me or the drums sounds too loud than Slashs guitar?

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