Guns N Roses Slash – Sweet Child O’ Mine – @ Glastonbury Live Concert 2010.flv

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Ubayy oktovian says:

yoyoyo Good

Levi jassabrowdlynd says:

slash looks like a fat crossdresser pew

Nelson Janeiro says:

AXL Rose is way better i don't care what any body said ..

Zhiibenk YNWA says:

mantab jiwa

SydGomes Gomes says:

muito bommmmmmmmmmmmm

jaki 313 says:


bluepeng889 says:

where's Axl?

Davis fallon says:

I'm nine and I like gnr do I have a problem?

anarkyification says:

973 ppl are friends with the guy at 2:52

miguel santos wy says:

Canta muito

dhemok striker venomous says:

Nice i like it

brenoldt says:

Healthy Michael jackson on Bass

BOYZ OF WW2 says:

Classic lives forever

Chuan Yong says:


Mk Nd says:

Slash is the best

Tom Park says:

중간에 욱일기 뭐냐 스ㅡㅡ벌

luki ghulam says:

one of legendary song all the time, november rain too

Aline dos Anjos says:

Que energia booa

HELLs Guardian_ says:

it's that u?? captain jack sparrow??

Sandeep Chitti says:

Tokyo is still the best

Axl Rose says:

Joe Johnson. No, just Axl is better than Myles. Axl is the best!!!!

lilik kusworo says:

ingt ker ngora

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