Guns N’ Roses – Sweet Child O’ Mine – London Stadium – 16th June 2017

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Guns N’ Roses – Sweet Child O’ Mine – London Stadium – 16th June 2017


abdi mohamed says:

axel looked better when he long hair during the 80s and early 1990s

MrTodbod says:

Must take them ages to get ready for bed, so much shit involved with their costumes.

Leslie Mcculloch says:

Just heard all of gnr hate each other true or fact or is it all for the money

Gary Ward says:

sounds fucking awful

bbarrera86 says:

damn i thought slash was better at guitar… he sounds so choppy here

markmywords312 says:

Almost as bad as Maine Road Manchester 1992. You owe me my gate money back you pricks. Mind you at least Axl Grease seems to turn up on stage these days

keogh1969 says:

God love them and keep them safe.

Aaron Bentham says:

Axl definatly still has it

Pedro says:

Slash , old whisky, hard, riff and solo, hipnotic

Calvin Peck says:

The greatest

Yayang Wang says:

US was British colony before, now US music has invade British complete

keogh1969 says:

A wee bit of the Godfather!

Janne Lunden says:

Aika väsynyttä. 🙁

Marcin Dudkowski says:

The new recorder does not roll over hungry pieces

Luís Borges says:

Gaddamn axl's voice is fucked 🙁

Ed Wawrzonek says:

A all time masterpiece I could only wish i was there to see it.

Deka ART Desain and Animation says:

when guns and roses nilt tour to indonesia ?

Myles Sharman says:

Shite, Axl sounds like a poor Kareoke singer being forced to sing at gun point, no passion , no love for the music, I saw Slash and the Conspirators with Myles Kennedy do this and it was on another level.

Bev Goodsman says:

I was there. Absolutely fantastic xxx

tnvolschic says:

Listening,I'm getting that His mic vocals,had to be raised higher up in the booth!Just,knowing how the boards work:)

tnvolschic says:

Hey William,thank these guys for even taking your call!you owe apology across the board!

tnvolschic says:

Slash looks Ssooo much healthier now than he was before.I wish them love peace and the way to come to our Lord and Savior YASHUACHRIST.We are here,then,gone,our life is a vapor,a whisper.

AA Qayan says:

So glad they put their differences behind them. Been a long time coming. Still as good as ever. Just waiting for some new material.

Joyce Seldon says:

saw them Friday night. Not a big fan of Slash but was very impressed. he's the hardest working member.x

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