Guns N’ Roses – Sweet Child O’ Mine (Singapore. Feb.25,2017)

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Guns N Roses Reunion 2016 – 2017 “Not In This Lifetime Tour”
Guns N’ Roses – Sweet Child O’ Mine (Singapore. Feb.25,2017)


Deka ART Desain and Animation says:

welcome to the jungle slash and duff,btw when tour nilt gnr to indonesia?by winner basarito nadapdap north sumatera indonesia

tmenni says:

tired of rock stars embarrassing themselves for a buck when it's over it's over reminds me of meatloaf going crazy in a.c. last year cause of a hekeler saying his voice sucked meatloaf responded by saying I am 70 fucking years old what do you want mind you the tickets were a over a grand for up front

Marc Covitz says:

Doug Doug & Rick Slade: Are you in love with Axl or something? His voice is awful. It never was that great and now it is worse. They need to drop the key of most of their songs so he can hit the notes.

Aslak Christensen says:

SO F***** NICE!

Александр Владимирович says:


Joe Switch says:

Would've liked to hear Axl sing instead of the crowd..

victor hau Zeliang says:

Slash…man in black,like You fr that…! kip the pace !

Marc Covitz says:

They either need to lower the key or get a new singer. Axl is done.

Brandon Coates says:

One of only bright spots of 2016 their reunion

Vollin Habbar says:

Mylles Kennedy , Muito melhor que esse AXY- ja ta absoleto !

Cescus86 says:

Is it me, or Slash tone sounds much more flat lately? Did he change something within his gears? I liked old tone more…

Vasi Margariti says:

Slash must be sick of playing this song!

Diouf Zahid says:

slash is my favorite musician axl looks different now

Calvin says:

Whats the name of this new vocal?

Randy Hogue says:

My favorite guitar player.
The singing was better by kennedy

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