Guns N’ Roses – Sweet Child O’Mine – London 16.6.2017

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Neos Matlagnings Kanal says:

How many people was it in this arena??

Dead Elvis says:


martin maguire says:

ure obviously a Twat that doesn't know shit bout rock music. when ure saying ac/dc were better with axel rose when they were also at that time missing Malcolm young and Phil rudd Malcolm was the back bone of acdc stevie although good is not as good. And although I thought chris slade was good in the 90s I think he is not near that level anymore and rudd sounded better.

Puffy Cat Top Dog says:

I made the likes 667 & saved us all from Satan. God bless G's N F'n R's

Gareth Owen says:

Great recording! Captured the moment…Guns N'Roses were fkn cool!

Samuel Martins says:

Why did the concert was in the afternoon ??

Jonny Hoareau says:

shit. I was at 1990 Wembley! this is shit, glad I never paid £45 to see this. give Axel a chair and 100% oxygen.

Paulo Henrique Araújo de Sousa says:

lindo maravilhoso demais esse público Guns pra toda a vida

Zeno Bonini says:

Veramente bello

Andrew Chemer. says:

They don't come to Eastern Europe once again(


Nadie saltando?? pff

Jubair Mohammad says:

There was a time when people used to enjoy live performance. Now everyone has their hands up with their recording device…

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