Guns N’ Roses The True Story Behind One In A Million! GNR Lies!

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One in A Million Live Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses 2017 Tour Dates:
01/21 – Osaka, JP @ Kyocera Dome *
01/22 – Kobe, JP @ World Arena *
01/25 – Yokohama, JP @ Yokohama Arena *
01/28 – Tokyo, JP @ Saitama Super Arena
01/29 – Tokyo, JP @ Saitama Super Arena *
02/02 – Wellington, NZ @ Westpac Stadium
02/04 – Auckland, NZ @ Western Springs Stadium
02/07 – Brisbane, AU @ QSAC Stadium
02/10 – Sydney, AU @ ANZ Stadium
02/11 – Sydney, AU @ ANZ Stadium
02/14 – Melbourne, AU @ Melbourne Cricket Ground
02/18 – Adelaide, AU @ Adelaide Oval
02/21 – Perth, AU @ Domain Stadium
02/25 – Singapore, SG @ Changi Exhibition Centre
02/28 – Bangkok, TH @ SCG Stadium
03/03 – Dubai, AE @ Autism Rocks Arena
05/27 – Dublin, IE @ Slane Castle
05/30 – Bilbao, ES @ San Mames Stadium
06/02 – Lisbon, PT @ Passeio Martimo De Alges
06/04 – Madrid, ES @ Vincente Calderon Stadium
06/07 – Zurich, CH @ Letzigrund
06/10 – Imola, IT @ Greenfield
06/13 – Munich, DE @ Olympiastadion
06/16 – London, UK @ London Stadium
06/20 – Gdansk, PL @ Stadion Energy Gdansk
06/22 – Hannover, DE @ Messe
06/24 – Werchter, BE @ Classic
06/27 – Copenhagen, DK @ Telia Parken
06/29 – Stockholm, SE @ Friends Arena
07/01 – Hämeenlinna, FI @ Kantolan Tapahtumapuisto
07/04 – Prague, CZ @ Letnany Airport
07/07 – Paris, FR @ Stade de France
07/10 – Vienna, AT @ Ernst Happel Stadion
07/12 – Nijmegen, NL @ Goffert Park
07/15 – Tel Aviv, IS @ Hayarkon Park
07/27 – St. Louis, MO @ The Dome At America’s Center
07/30 – Minneapolis, MN @ U.S. Bank Stadium
08/02 – Denver, CO @ Sports Authority Field at Mile High
08/08 – Miami, FL @ Miami Marlins Stadium
08/11 – Winston-Salem, NC @ BB&T Field at Wake Forest University
08/13 – Hershey, PA @ Hersheypark Stadium
08/16 – Buffalo, NY @ New Era Field
08/19 – Montreal, QC @ Parc Jean Drapeau
08/21 – Ottawa, ON @ TD Place Stadium
08/24 – Winnipeg, MB @ Investors Group Field
08/27 – Regina, SK @ New Mosaic Stadium at Evraz Place
08/30 – Edmonton, AB @ Commonwealth Stadium
09/01 – Vancouver, BC @ BC Place Stadium
09/03 – George, WA @ The Gorge
09/06 – El Paso, TX @ Sun Bowl Stadium
09/08 – San Antonio, TX @ Alamodome

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Meteorologist Mike says:

yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Flayed Man says:

axl and duff were crying on twitter when hillary clinton lost, so…..yeah..thats GNR today. been pampered millionaires living in 100% whitebreadland now for a long time. the only one whom I love, is Slash. He's always cool. Slash is so genuine.

Ultimate Sin says:

OMG 3:30 is Axl doing that hand gesture that is supposed to stand for white supremacy? Lol that is the same gesture Trump uses when he talks and the media said it was a secret white supremacy symbol.. maybe it is LOL!!

mike anderson says:

Thanks for all the work you put into this video Sidd!

Axl Rose says:

Thanks Sid, didn't know for audio of axl's explaining for it, great work that you do

skazzi tl says:

I think Axl's choice of words were inappropriate, offensive and controversial (all things classic Axl) but he has shown many times over that he is not racist or homophobic and I don't think he intended to hurt anyone. I'm sure I've heard or read most every one of his explanations relating to this song and for the most part I feel like it is misunderstood and I get what Axl was trying to say. I also appreciate Axl's determination to speak his mind and I think the moment he shared with Elton at Freddy's tribute was a big thing for him and I'm happy he had that. ETA I personally like the song, I don't apologize for liking it and I would be prepared to defend Axl's lyrics because I've taken the time to understand where he was coming from. Most people don't IMO but that's okay.

19grand says:

I thought 'Look at your game, girl' might have gotten a mention.

wip243 says:

Thank GOD Axl has opened up so many cans of worms! He always has put his feelings into music. It gets people talking about the things they are afraid of.

1660 says:

One In A Million was one of my first favorite songs, it showed that Axl is not afraid to express what he has to say, and in this case i could relate to what he was saying, not on a racial and/or homophobic way, but as a 'small town white boy' seeing the bigger picture, the big cities, it's also the first songs i learned on guitar.

Mason Joines says:

slash is half black. obviously he had "permission" to say the n word. obviously is slash cared that he said it then axl wouldnt have said it. love this song!

J Z says:

This is my favorite song of all time. I first heard it in the 5th grade and knew exactly what the song was written about. Here is the problem…..why cant someone say nigger or faggot? Not all blacks or gays have your best interest at heart and there is a word for them.

Ethans Bass says:

Marilyn sounds like a douchebag….

Ethans Bass says:

I love the song. You have to understand, he wrote the song from the point of view from a younger and naive Axl. I don't think Axl is racist or anything, and I understand how people would take offence, but Axl clearly didn't mean it to put anyone down. This song is my favourite off Lies.

Snod - GN'R says:

I've always known that it was a song about when Axl moved from Lafayette, indiana to L.A meaning that he's One In A Million. Since lafayette is so small, and L.A is huge. Its a really clever song.

Axl got sexually abused by his stepdad and by the man that crashed on his hotel floor, that why hes pretty homophobic.

GN'R is pretty much against censorship, so ofcourse Axl is going to release the song, and im thankfull that he did!

One in a million is a really controversial song, which means that it'll generate alot of attention to GN'R. I love the song and i cant see why people call Axl homophobic n racist. Axl and Izzy spoke some serious truth about the song. Well Axl is Axl its something you'd expect from the 80's-90's GN'R. People need to chill on the TRIGGERED button. Thanks for posting! Been waiting for this!:)

P t says:

"im gonna do it cause im axl" lol

Nightrain76 says:

This could be my alll-time favorite GNR song.

jennie 29 says:

I'll start off by saying that when this song was released, I was pissed off about Axl's point of view. I'm a Hispanic woman who came to the US at the age of 4. But, as I've grown up, I've come to understand it and even like it. I kinda take on Steven's explanation and Axl's explanation, that its about the scumbag of the earth and not a generalized sentiment about certain groups. Musically I thinks its fantastic. I love the guitars and Axl's voice, the melody. I just know that in today's world where everything is so politically correct, none of us would've heard that song cuz it would've been locked up immediately.

Tim Holden says:

Great True story. That song is so misunderstood. Would of love to have known. What John Lennon would' of thought of the song if he was still alive

I would of love to know what Axl thought of Marilyn Manson's comments.

After all Marilyn Manson talk did he actually release a copy of One in a million.

Nothing against Marilyn Manson
I respect is music

Nick DePanfilis says:

One of my favorites! The chord progression is one of Izzy's bests

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