guns n’ roses – Used To Love Her – G N’ R Lies

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Song for free guns n’ roses – Used To Love Her – G N’ R Lies

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Steve DeviBec says:

Yo vine para escuchar "Patience" y no esta en esta lista de repro. :v

D. Clarke says:

Hey man, when you look back on it.
It's damn fucking true.
Shit, we all have stories of our EXs.
Whether the good our bad, who cares.
But just remember who gives a flying F3ck.
And the end of the day it is, I, that matters.

Rich Martin says:

i should have buried my x wife. cunt

David Hartsell says:

can't help it… don't want any help either….

thomasabramson100 says:

what femanazis are good for

JS logan says:

its about a damn dog

Magpie Nomad says:

Yup, its about Paula..

Magpie Nomad says:

I thought it was about Paula

aura 0 says:

and its about a black guy

aura 0 says:

god help me i love this shit

taintstainsdickfull says:

it's about a dog and it's jokey settle down

Secure Etrades says:

live at the ski dive
its about that crime /
this hear hear lets bet
pig & she bitched
so much

Drake Mallard says:

It's a fucking song! And a damn good one at that. If U dont like it, FUCK OFF!

J Rey says:

On the inside cover of the tape jacket Axl admits the song is about his dog.

valkor73 says:

i relate to this

jason oadley says:

Did someone fart at 2.30 wondered this for the past 20 odd yrs

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