guns n’ roses – You’re Crazy – G N’ R Lies

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Song for free guns n’ roses – You’re Crazy – G N’ R Lies

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but ton says:

your videos are so shit in audio quality, get fucked

Blind Black Sabbath says:

there is video of this performed on TV,  whatever that is.  Mtube, letterman, SNL, etc. if you find it get back to me

TheTirado2 says:

My hometown band! LA bands always rock!

Lincoln Lasso says:

awesome !!!

Magpie Nomad says:

reminds me of Nam,…

Steven Gilmartin says:

none of u punk ducks appreciate this. go back to Beiber u dirty Negros

Amy King says:

Almost wishI was able to not be a fucking cell phone zombie to be reading all these comments by you fucking idiots is more…. enjoyable to not hear bullshit about my Bands please please please stop creating blast me about Guns and Roses cuz I actually do know what I'm talking about is fucking bullshit and making up bs about the bands and little rumors and straight up fictional antidotes…and the little gossip fest stories aren't even good…Please please please stop being assholes…Its like Blasphemy to my core to know all substance and depth dies with my generations music and era…But I'm the dumb bitch who decided to scan thru….fucking disappointing…

mageulook30 says:

New drinking game – everytime he says "no"

Juan Luna says:

Miss my childhood.

Secure Etrades says:

this / poor / mac
sack of /
playing you
don/t wan t my
love / yourcrazy
oh ny / f&ed up
on h8ts one one
one 2 three / throw
shit into the wind
and see what splatters
hey were you going
what you gonna do
i knew a milf like
you boughtit
to crazy to new
be healthy and lie
lie lie & you know to
are ypu f&king

David Kitchen says:

oooohhhh yeah!!!

David King says:

she's fucking crazy stocker lmao

valkor73 says:

damn there no rock and roll anymore this kicked ass

koolskater21 says:

it cuts off right at the end i hate that

Lucas P. says:

@77sygzy dont you like of ginger dick ?

rocknrollforever10 says:

@Dead2Animations True.

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