hasmukh amathalal – A reality alone

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Reality and not the dreams
It has to be like sun beams
To work for it like a team
It will come out like music with theme

There is no use to pass on the blame
It is reality and not the game
It has some reasons to materialize
You must have enough reasons to realize

Go deep and think over
Don’t find excuses or cover
You may find the answer
It may be felt only by fewer

Don’t loose hope and courage
You have to try hard and manage
You may be capable in your young age
Try to control it without resorting to rage

Infuse it with real colors of life
The world may be war torn and full with strife
You may have to walk on the edge of knife
Share the secrets with you lovely wife

Carry it on with so much of joy
Life as it stands for enough to enjoy
It may be contentment that is not to be rushed
Rest all are illusions not to be counted and pushed

hasmukh amathalal


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