John Richey – The Classic Love Poem

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The special bond… the connection between two,
Feeling special, giddy even, at the thoughts..
Mesmerized by the illusion, only visible to you..
The one you conjure from love…

Using every way to show how you feel..
Coming straight from the abyss of your heart…
Never straying from the path, the only true way..
Ever wanting more, desiring more. Almost enticing.

Constantly the grasping hands of doubt, ever relentless..
Always pulling at your inner-feelings…
Only to know it makes you that much stronger..
For if it’s true to your heart, the earnest feeling of love..

Inexorable, the feeling of bliss to give in…
The insufferable doubts leaving, knowing it defeated..
All because you tried… followed your mind, heart, and soul…
The hardest part of the journey completed, for it is true.

John Richey


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